Digital Products and IP-led solutions

Our products and IP-led solutions are designed with the end customer at the heart, and connect the dots between enterprise and digital.

Single View of Customer

Provides one view of end customers, gathering information from across multiple channels, resulting in true value, real-time customer insight that can be used as inputs to business.

Key Business Benefits
  • Enables businesses to get a single view of customers based not just on the policy relationship but also from other sources of information like social media, connected devices, interactions on emails or chat or via call centres
  • Helps build a “Personality” of the customer enabling targeted messaging for increased communication
  • Helps companies get an outside-in view of customers to improve their processes that are typically built inside-out
  • Helps businesses act like one company rather than a series of unconnected departments
Key Capabilities
  • Capability to cleanse, consolidate & analyse data from across disparate sources to help arrive at the single view of a customer
  • Provides a social profile of the customer based the customer’s social media profile, lifestyle & buying patterns
  • Provides “Next Best Action” recommendations based on customer profile and interaction history
  • Historical analysis suggests propensity of customers to buy new products and optimal customisation of product to increase sales

Product Configurator

Enables the creation and quick go to market of new financial services products based on emerging customer needs, decreasing rollout time by up to 80%.

Key Business Benefits
  • Cuts down rollout time for new products by up to 80%, with business analysts being able to configure products
  • Provides a single source of product information that can be used by core systems as well as distribution portals
  • Eliminates errors arising from manual setup processes due to gaps in core systems
  • Streamlines the governance process of modifying, setting up, testing and releasing new products
Key Capabilities
  • Provides governance across the full lifecycle of new product rollout
  • Allows easy publishing of new products across sales channels & distributors, enabling better go to market of new products
  • Provides configuration of channel / distributor specific rules

Customer Engagement Products

– Portals, Firefly Virtual Assistant Platform, Syndication, Mobile Apps

As the name suggests, these products aim at improving customer engagement, resulting in a better rate of customer acquisition and retention.

Key Business Benefits
  • Helps businesses increase customer loyalty by driving customer engagement, improving the user experience & providing personalised experiences
  • Helps improve the user journey by personalising the experience for the customer
  • Helps businesses transition into lifestyle partners, providing not just insurance services, but also encouraging & enabling customers to live healthier, while acting like personal customer concierges
Key Capabilities
  • Firefly Virtual Assistant Platform – Engagement solutions like Firefly Virtual Assistant Platform come with natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, that provide human like responses and instant results to customers at any time of the day
  • Portals – Portals allow customers with self-service capabilities such as checking, tracking and updating policies including change of personal details, switching of funds, allocation of funds or topping of premiums
  • Syndication – To increase customer engagement, these products provide syndicated customer content from varied sources such as medical information, fitness data or data on driving behaviour
  • Mobile Apps– Mobile apps increase end customer reach, improve customer engagement and help with better customer acquisition and retention
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